Will you be my..?

I finally have big and exciting news. It has actually been a few weeks since I first came across this news, but Mad Girl to Made Girl didn’t exist yet, and it was just before my world turned upside down with my breakdown and diagnosis of my depression and anxiety.

So, you’re finally going to have a happy blog by moi! Yes, smiles all round, cheers even, a little celebration if you may, for I, Not Quite Made Girl, have had my hand asked for in Marriag – yes, I have been asked to be my very best Bestie’s MAID OF HONOUR!

Yes, me! I know I didn’t think I could be trusted with such responsibility either but hey, she must have been having a funny moment when she chose me to be her Maid of Honour! (I’m just going to keep highlighting Maid of Honour in bold because I just love the title and that it is attributed to me. That I’m a Maid of Honour. Am I annoying you yet with my gloating? Good, I hope not! I hope y’all are pleased for me. ;))

It was so romantic how she did it, my heart just exploded into a million and one pieces and I couldn’t stop the word ‘yes‘ coming out of my mouth.

My bestie, or BeeBee as she is known, had been bugging me for a few weeks about organising a specific weekend in January for us to meet up. I couldn’t understand the necessity for such a specific date. I now know why haha. I just thought she was so eager for a double date with her fiancé and her with me and F, especially as she had never met F before.

We had dinner up in London at a place called Cabana and before we settled up and made our way to the Comedy Club for a night of laughs, all of a sudden a parcel appeared on the table from no where. (How BeeBee hid it from her place to the restaurant I shall never know, it wasn’t exactly the most discrete package!)
After I spotted the parcel, BeeBee explained that this was the reason she was so specific about the date that I could go up and see her. I still had no idea about what she was on about, so I proceeded to open the parcel with such circumspection and caution. All eyes at this point were eagerly on me. God how I hate being the centre of attention.

The parcel was neatly tied in a bow, which was so damn fiddely to undo. It took me what seemed forever to untie, but I finally was in! It was filled with shredded tissue paper of all colours and as I tipped it up out came this silver arrow.
I still had no idea. How ignorant am I! I read the heart attached to the arrow. Looked up, warned everyone I was going to cry and literally a second later I was balling my eyes out like a baby. How embarrassing! I hadn’t even given her my answer so for all she knew I was declining the offer.
As soon as my eyes read the word Maid of Honour my heart just melted. I knew me and BeeBee were close. I knew I could trust her with anything and I did and do consider her the closest thing to a Best Friend that I’ve got. I just never imagined that I meant that much to her. She had a whole range of people, some of which she has known for years before me or maybe was closer to them than I thought she was with me, but no. She chose me. She trusts me most out of everyone she knows. She wants me there by her side on the biggest day of her life. The day she marries the love of her life and she wants me there to support her right up to the moment she walks down the aisle and they both become one.

What an honour!

After blubbing for goodness knows how long, BeeBee kept asking if it was a yes! How could it not be? How could anyone turn down such a privilege from your best friend? I hugged her across the table and gave a resounding yes. I was now officially a Maid of Honour. 

For the record, I am one of these people who love to be super organised. I love planning. I love organising. I love researching ideas and being creative. The following day when I got home, I couldn’t research ideas quick enough. I created a new board on Pinterest titled Maid of Honour. I don’t miss a trick me 😉
My main role as Maid of Honour is to organise the Hen do! What a perfect role for me. I want to work in events as an everyday job so this is right up my street. That night I googled and googled till the early hours in the morning saving ideas for all different types of dos all ready to pull upon nearer the time, once the other bridesmaids have been selected.

Unfortunately all excitement and planning for my role as Maid of Honour stopped that night. After this day that’s when everything changed. The birth of Mad Girl to Made Girl happened and I finally had an understanding of why I had been feeling the way I had over the years.

I have yet to tell my Best Friend about my mental illness. I don’t see the hurry in telling her. She’s excited planning her big day and she only has a few months to sort everything out. I don’t want her to worry about me and worry that my role as Maid of Honour will have an impact on my health. If anything, being honoured with this role is giving me the motivation to get better. I want to ensure that I am there for my Best Friend right through to the Big Day. I want to help her make decisions, I want to be fun to be around with, I want to get excited with her. I want to plan the best hen do ever. And I will. I will do all this stuff and more, just with my depression and anxiety unknown to her until a later date. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, right?

I want to end on a happy note, so I will. I took some god awful photos of the beautiful wrapping and parcel that held the good fortune of me becoming a Maid of honour (come on you must be getting so annoyed with me by now and my bolding of the title! I’m not even sorry, I just can’t hide my excitement!). How creative is my best friend and how lucky am I that she is my Best Friend and I get to be her Maid of Honour in the Autumn of 2017? Very is the answer.

Not Quite Made Girl



‘Will you be my MAID OF HONOUR? When the string starts to break, you know your wish is on its way.’
Will you be my MAID OF HONOUR? Autumn 2017′

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