❤️ Valentine’s Haul ❤️

I have a Valentine! Yes, me, MAD GIRL! Well you obviously know that if you’ve been reading my blog. You’d have seen that I can’t get through a post without F’s name popping up. But yes, he’s my Valentine this year and what a lucky girl I am 😍! Or maybe I should say what a lucky boy he is with what I’ve got planned up my sleeve for him (and no I’m not speaking in terms of in the bedroom, shame on you for thinking that 😉).

This is my first ever Valentine’s Day with a Boyfriend. Actually it’s my First Ever Valentine’s Day. Ever. Not that I’ve not been around for them before, I obviously have as I am in my twenties. I mean, I’ve never had the pleasure of spending it with someone that I love and care about. I normally boycott it. And now here I am, endorsing the ridiculous idea of having one day dedicated to showing your love to someone. Shame on me.
But shh, I don’t care. More than ever I want him to know how much he really means to me and just how much I appreciate him just being by my side throughout all of this. I want him to know that I know it isn’t easy on him. I love him and I want him to know just how much. So yayy, thank goodness for Valentine’s Day ❤️.

So because I am so damn proud of what I have bought for F, I thought I would share it with y’all. I shan’t post this blog until Valentine’s Day because even though I am pretty sure he doesn’t know my blog name, I don’t want to run the risk of the surprise being ruined (I realised this bit of information is completely irrelevant to you as the reader, I think it was just more of a mental note to myself!).

As an individual I love giving presents 🎁 I love giving far more than receiving. I plan for weeks or months in advance for people. I just love it. The thought you put into planning a gift for someone based on just how well you know them is exciting and fun and makes the how process better because you know that they’ll be so pleased to receive such a gift that means so much to them. Well that’s what I like to think anyway. Maybe I just also like to nosy around on the internet at gift ideas all day on Pinterest and Google and then come up with my own version of it and spend money I don’t have on recreating it haha. No, it’s not like that at all, I do just generally enjoy thinking of ideas and giving them to their recipient.

I have got him a main present and then a few really silly ones which are just a joke. I like to pretend I am an arty farty kind of person and often turn my hand to crafts. And Valentine’s day would be no different.

Thankfully there wasn’t much that I needed to do apart from buying the sweets, the container and the wooden hearts and labels. I bought everything from a great shop called The Works. A little wooden box with 10 separate compartments  for £2.50, a pack of embossed hearts (£1), gift tags (£1), and self seal plastic bags (£1) to put the sweets into to put in the box. I then bought 10 different sweets and put a cute saying with each:

  1. Starburst – You make my ❤ burst
  2. Haribo Golden Bears – Life without you would he unBEARable
  3. Wispa bites- I like it when you Wispa to me 😉
  4. After Eights – Meet me after eight to celebrate 😉
  5. Skittles – You’ve been the rainbow in my cloud
  6. Smarties – You’re a bit of a smarty pants
  7. Strawberry laces – You’re the laces to my trainers
  8. Milky way magic stars – I thank my Magic Stars that out of everyone in the Milky way I found you!
  9. Trebor extra strong Mints – We were MINT to be
  10. Rolo – I like the way you roll
  11. Haribo Tangfastics – I think you’re Tangfastic.
Sexy Bum

This next gift is definitely my favourite gift because it is just so damn cute! I got him a really silly cuddly toy monkey in boxers, saying ‘Sexy Bum’ because well, he has a sexy bum and I can’t keep my hands of it 🙊

There’s a bit of a novelty rude one and I am not sure if I should put it up or not. I don’t know if it is appropriate. I mean I bought it where I work and that’s in a well known card shop, but still you’re never quite sure how people will react. I remember the first year I started working there and we got the Valentine’s Day product delivered and I stumbled across the, urm, adult section of it shall we call it. And my goodness, I was shocked. I did used to be a bit of a prude, that has clearly all changed no. But still, I used to get so awkward and embarrassed whenever someone bought one of these products at my till. The shop isn’t exactly secretive about these items, they place them right at the front by the front door and it’s the first of their Valentine’s Day products range! Horrified haha. But back to the gift for F. I think I’ll just leave it as it is a little something for him to wear 😉.

Finally the big un! The one I am most proud of getting and boy did I manage to get it at a bargain to!
Last year we went to a pop up shop in London for one of F’s favourite bands, The 1975. It was such a unique place to go to. They had a variety of products on sale and I saw that they had their newest album, I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it, on vinyl in a beautiful white box inside another pink plastic box. Inside came a CD, the Vinyl (obviously), two smaller Vinyls, a photo book of the band and a letter from them. At this point F didn’t have a record player/turntable. I knew he was asking for one for Christmas from his parents but I didn’t want to preempt that they would get it.
It did transpire that he got one for Christmas so I was more determined than ever to see if I could get a hold of this Deluxe Boxed Vinyl Edition of this album. After a bit of googling, or more like a lot, I did manage to find a few sites where I could buy it but it was 30 pounds more than what I saw at the Pop-up shop (Yes I know that’s the point of a pop-up shop to get things at unique prices blah blah blah.) So I continued googling. I googled hard and voila, I came up trumps! I found it for only a few pounds more than that of the original one I saw. I even got free postage and packaging with it. It came so well packaged and was in perfect condition I was so chuffed at the success I had. So I thought I’d share the beauty of this bad boy with you all.

Let’s hope F loves this present as much as I loved getting it for him. F is obsessed with The 1975 and it is always his go to album. I was pleased that I managed to get half decent tickets to see them in December last year and I think this gift will just be the cherry on top.

Finally, here’s the whole lot together 🙂


So tonight F has very sweetly offered to cook for me 🙂 I told him I didn’t want to do anything for Valentine’s Day. Most places just rip you off and plus I am not that kind of girl. I am not very materialistic. For me, my perfect Valentine’s would be just a night in with F, cook something indoors and then watch a nice film together. Simple but sweet 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you beautiful people!

Not Quite Made Girl





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