Have you ever sat there and thought about a superpower that you would love to have? Recently I have been thinking a lot about it. Such a weird thing to think about seeming as it is something that will never happen because unfortunately superpowers only exist in movies.

Invisibility. Time travel. Superhuman Strength. Night Vision. Time manipulation. Power Mimicry. Immortality. Telepathy. Talking to animals. Flying. These are all superpowers we wish we could have.

I had a bit of a google at all the different Superpowers people wished they had. And I came across invulnerability. I had never thought of this superpower before but I can see why people would want it. One website described it in the sense that it gives the person immunity to physical, mental, or spiritual damage. Such as never having to worry about getting injured or the one that I can relate to: suffering from depression.
In a sense it would be great to invulnerability but at the same time I think we are dealt these things in life to test us. I think when you do feel pain, or hurt, or sadness it brings a whole other aspect to your life. Without sadness we wouldn’t appreciate the happiness. Without pain, we wouldn’t realise how lucky we are when we are healthy. If we don’t get hurt, then we will never be brave. If we don’t make mistakes, we won’t ever learn. If you don’t fail at something, you can never relish in the feeling of success. I think we need to feel the bad things in life. Yes at the time they hurt and we wish we didn’t have to deal with it, but I think in the end, you come out a better, stronger, braver person that can look back and say ‘I got through that’ and be proud of how far they have come.

I must admit, for a split second I did wish I had invulnerability but I could never change the one superpower I wish I had: To be able to read people’s thoughts.

With my anxiety I am constantly worrying about what those around me are thinking. In most cases I worry about what they think of me and certain situations. But I also wonder what worries them at night. What makes them happy. What are their secret goals. What they want for the future. What their biggest fears are. People are never truly open about all these things with those around them. Everyone has secrets that they keep to themselves. I, of course, wouldn’t want to be able to read these things from their mind at any given time or intrude on their thoughts but I would like to be able to understand how different people around me function and work. Understand what makes them tick and what makes them truly happy.
With my anxiety I find it very hard to gauge people. I often create scenarios in my head and overthink what they are thinking in their head. It sounds crazy. And it is. I admit that. But hello, that’s my brain for you and that’s why I end up in the situations I do.

I suppose the reason I would like to be able to read people’s minds is because then I would know if people were lying to me or simply saying things to please me. I would know what people really thought of me. I’d only really want it for that purpose. Just to see what they think of me and maybe put my anxiety to rest.

If you could have a superpower what would it be and why?

Not Quite Made Girl



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