Pulp Fiction

Friday night and a new adventure for me and F. As a couple we aren’t the type who always have to be out doing things and spending money, we’re more than content to be sat at home watching a film or whatever sport is on the telly. However, we do like an outing here and there.

A month or so ago I spotted an event on Facebook that I thought would be of interest to F. It was the chance to see Pulp Fiction at The Grand in Clapham. I’m not a film buff. I don’t have the attention span to be able to sit there and watch a film unless I’m in the cinema or I’m sat with someone who is forcing me to watch it. On my own I get up halfway through a film and get distracted by menial tasks such as cleaning my room or organising my books just because I can’t sit still. F is the opposite. He loves a good film and Pulp Fiction is up there as one of his favourites. Being such a great girlfriend (😉 haha) I suggested it to F and booked it up.

The night finally arrived after booking it a month in advance. It was being held at a venue called the Grand. It was established in 1900 and is a grade II listed Victorian building which used to be a music hall back in the day. A venue right up my street. I love a listed building and a bit of history in a place.
For a cinema night, the Grand converts its hall into a 500 seat cinema. And what an incredible place it was! From the outside it looked grand, I can see where it got the name from.

After a quick bag search we walked through to the entrance hall and had our tickets scanned. We were then offered a free shot, not sure what it was but it some sour of some sort. Me and F went upstairs to the balcony ti go and find some seats. It was quite an amazing venue and idea. There were rows of cushions instead of individual seats like a normal cinema. A few rows further down you had tables and stools. I never looked over the balcony so don’t know what the downstairs looked like but I imagined it was similar.

The seats

After playing musical chairs a good few times, me and F finally settled on the back row. The only, not complaint, but I suppose issue I had was that with those sat on stools a few rows down you often had their heads in the view of the screen and the metal bars didn’t really help matters. But me and F found a superb seat and were rarely hassled with a bobbing head in front of us.

The ciders were bought (completely forgot I wasn’t meant to be drinking because of my sleeping tablets, so safe to say I didn’t have my tablet that night!) and at ten minutes to eight the host came on the stage. He quoted a few lines from the line, and me being a complete noob with Pulp Fiction had no idea what he was on about, but people were cheering and clapping so must have been rather relevant!

I lied about only having one complaint, I do apologise, I don’t normally lie but I forgot that I had another issue with the venue. As great as the atmosphere was I was a bit disappointed that most people seemed to continue talking excessively loud from the minute the film started. I know everyone is there for a good time but I was kind of hoping to be able to hear the film. It would have helped if they put subtitles up because as I later found out, the great thing about Pulp Fiction is the dialogue far more than the picture. There’s a lot of classic one liners in it and unfortunately I missed out on a lot of them. I suppose going to watch it in a place like this wasn’t the best option to watch it for the first time. I, however was lucky enough to have my Pulp Fiction translator, F. He kept me updated on what was being said, what was happening and any other vital parts I might have missed.

An hour and a half later, the film was paused and the interval began. I wasn’t expecting any entertainment for the interval but to my surprise they did their very own Jack Rabbit Slims Twist Competition (similar to that in Pulp Fiction for those who have no idea what I am on about). Me and F had a bit of a twist and boogie which was great fun!  The host chose three couples to go up on stage and dance it out . We, the audience, had to cheer for the couple we thought did the best twist. They were incredible, but one couple really stood out and deservedly won free alcohol! This was great fun and really made the night. The interval went by in a flash and the second half was ready.

The film didn’t end up finishing until ten to eleven but I was so glad we stayed to the end to watch it all. It was such a great film and something so different to what I normally watch. The cast were fantastic and the story line was bizarre but it worked. There were parts where I had my hand over my mouth in fear, in shock and in laughter! It wasn’t until quite a way through the film that I realised that the film jumped backwards and forwards in time. As soon as I realised this the whole film made sense. I really liked how Tarantino did this. I also now know where Direct Line got their idea from for their advert. I never knew Harvey Keitel’s character Winston Wolfe was from Pulp Fiction. But I do now, and I get it a whole lot more.

I feel a bit behind the times. I feel like I have no knowledge when it comes to movies, but I am getting there. I am slowly introducing myself to more films and hopefully I won’t be such a noob about them soon.

I thoroughly enjoyed my night and I think F did too. Apart from the two little niggles that I had about it, I would definitely recommend it and I would go back. Especially when I paid £3 for these tickets. In all honesty I would have paid more because it is such a unique experience and there was entertainment half way through, a free shot when you walked in and the staff were friendly. Just maybe include subtitles next time so those that do want to watch can follow what is going on. However, I would give it an 8/10 for simply how unique it was and how well put together it was. So if you ever get the chance to see a film there I would recommend at least going once.



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