Day dedicated to L.O.V.E

I may be a week late but I’ve finally got around to blogging it: my first Valentine’s Day with someone that I love  🙂 And what a night it was! I’m a bit of a lucky girl I’ll have you know. Seeming as I thought I knew F quite well, and knew that he wasn’t the surprising type or overly romantic he definitely bowled me over when I turned up to his on Tuesday evening.20170214_202832_edited

I was requested to get there at 8 and at 8 I got there. Not quite on the dot but I got there.
I didn’t expect anything special from F because I told him I wasn’t into things like that. But it seems he knows me a hell of a lot better than I know myself. I walked in, mellow magic was playing on the radio and I spied the table.

The dinner table was set accompanied with two red tealights and two larger red ca20170215_110502_editedndles. It was so romantic. He informed me that the candles were there because he knows how much I love a good candle! I then spotted the champagne flutes on the breakfast bar and he comes over and gives me flowers 🙊💐. Seeming as they make him sneeze I couldn’t believe that I was being given them. They were a beautiful bunch with a red sparkly heart in the middle of them.

Another surprise was the prosecco! He doesn’t drink prosecco yet he knows my love for it and bought it for us both (he actually rather enjoyed it, so I am having my influence on him 😉).

After a quick pop of the prosecco, I gave him one of my cards. I have a bit of a things for cards. I often buy far more than I need to and more often than not give at least two to the same person at one time. This Valentine’s Day was going to be no different. I like variety. I get a funny/rude one and then a really soppy lovey dovey one. The funny/rude one went down a treat and made F chuckle. It was so relevant to him and it seemed like the card was written about him 😂 I then received mine from him as I handed him his soppy, romantic one.
F knows me well and often gets me my cards from my favourite stationary shop: Paperchase. I love their cards and products. They’re so unique and beautiful that I normally end up spending hours in one of their shops just looking around. F got my card from there and what a cute card it was! It didn’t have the word girlfriend or Valentine’s Day on it but instead it had a picture of a dog with a rose in his mouth saying I like your face. Such a beautiful, simple card. It fits me well and shows just how well F knows me. The thing with Paperchase cards is that more often than not there are no words inside so you have to write your own greeting inside. For anyone that knows me they will know I am a sucker for a good card with personal words written inside. I’d rather that than a present! (Not hard to please, am I?!) F did write some lovely words inside the card and even signed it as ‘your F’. It’s official. He is mine.

20170214_205041_editedAnother sip of the prosecco and dinner was ready. It was lovely and very well cooked by F. Sea bass with lemon and ginger butter sauce, with mixed veg and rice. The candles were lit on the table and mellow magic was still going strong in the background.
Dessert wasn’t until later but as we’re talking about food I might as well give it a mention. F bought me my two other favourite men in my life for dessert, what a threesome this would be: Ben and his pal Jerry with the Karamel Sutra😍 Me and F whilst sat in front of the telly demolished the pot and not a single scrap was left!

As suspected my presents went down a right treat with F. I couldn’t help smiling as he opened them. Just seeing his face was priceless especially with The 1975 vinyl box set. He didn’t open it until after the other presents. To my surprise he was so in awe of my sweet box that I made him. I didn’t think it was that special, but he did. He said it was the nicest thing someone had made him *Blushing face alert*. The 1975 vinyl was whipped out and put to play straight away on his record player and soon The 1975 filled the house. He passed me my gift all beautifully wrapped in bright pink paper with a cute tag saying with love on it. I opened it up and it was Christine and The Queens CD and DVD of her performing live. This was so thoughtful of F. Because I had been unable to go to see her perform live last year and was absolutely gutted but thanks to this DVD I can watch her whenever I want.

Whilst all this was going on there was a very important match for the O’s going on. I used to have no interest in football and now here I was on Valentine’s Day sat with F, eagerly refreshing the BBC sports app and the O’s twitter page awaiting news for the last ten minutes. The O’s were 2-1 down. We were desperate for a win. It had been far too long since we last had one. 88 minutes to go and my phone went off! The O’s had scored, thank God for Massey! 90 minutes came and went and there was 6 minutes extra time. Me and F were both frantically cheering on the O’s through our phones. Still refreshing the pages each second. Then 90+4 was reached. Orient’s page had boldly claimed that Semedo had scored to make it 2-3 to the O’s. We couldn’t cheer until it was official on the BBC. After holding our breath for what seemed forever, the BBC announced the 2-3 win for the O’s. Me and F cheered so loudly. I couldn’t believe it. How was I this excited over football?! But I was happy. So happy.

After calming down, F decided to try and decipher the letter that came with the 1975 vinyl box set. He sat on the arm chair and pulled me onto his lap. We sat there for a while trying to figure it out. I have never felt so comfortable and safe with someone. It’s odd how it is always the little things that put you most at ease.

All in all it was the picture perfect evening and I couldn’t have asked for a better Valentine’s Day. Thank you F. And maybe I am not so anti Valentine’s Day anymore. Who knows, I might celebrate it again next year! 😉

Not Quite Made Girl



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