Jack Whitehall: At Large

Another night, another stand up comedy! Shows are like buses, you wait for ages to see a stand up comedian and then two come at once in the same week. This isn’t what each week of mine is like. I wished.

Me and my partner in crime, F, were off to another night of laughs at our favourite venue the O2 arena in Greenwich. I love this venue for so many reasons. Most importantly it is so simple to get to from home and isn’t too long a journey. But also the whole venue is just amazing. I love the hustle and bustle and the buzzing atmosphere from everyone there. It has everything you want in one venue. Restaurants, bars and even a little newsagent as well as the 20,000 seated arena. I have only ever seen bands perform at the O2 so it was exciting to be able to see something a little bit different, especially in such a huge venue. How would a stand up work to such a large capacity? Would the atmosphere still be there? Would you still feel a part of the act like you would with a musician in that sized venue?

I needn’t have worried. A stand up worked just as well!

Friday night, the start of the coming weekend and the night Jack Whitehall was performing at The O2 in North Greenwich.  Our seats weren’t too shabby and we had a good view of the stage and the screens.

The support act started just after 8 and it was none other than Joe Lycett. It is funny because only recently have I become aware of him as a comedian and seen him perform on 8 out of 10 cats does countdown and Live at the Apollo. I also follow him on twitter and as a follower you are always guaranteed a good laugh and joke on your timeline from him. His main act always consists of some emails he has sent to someone he knows regarding an issue he has and this night it was no different. Unfortunately it was the same joke that he had used on Live at the Apollo, but it was still just as funny hearing him say it again as it was the first time. Let’s just say emails went backwards and forwards about a made up fox called Sally Peterson and her wanted poster being put in a snap frame at Lycett’s office. Overall Lycett gave a very good 15 minute performance and was a good warm up for the night ahead.

You heard Whitehall before you saw him, which isn’t a surprise! He opened his set with a video consisting of all things every Jack Whitehall fan would expect of him: Freddie Flintoff (League of their own), his father (Backchat with Jack Whitehall and his Father) and the cast from Bad Education. He also had fellow comedian David Walliams. The end of the video saw him jump on a horse and riding off into the sunset. Next thing there’s Jack on stage on a great big grey horse! It’s not everyday a comedian makes that kind of entrance.

He jumped off and the horse was led off stage. Whitehall began his set but within a minute he stopped and our attention was brought to the massive pile of poo left on stage by the horse. Jack played it so well. If I hadn’t read before I would have easily believed that that wasn’t meant to happen and wasn’t a part of the act. Everyone was creasing up at his reaction, and even more so when he had to get on his hands and knees and shovel it in a bag.
The first half was side splitting funny. It just seemed that nothing was going to plan for Jack. Whether this was part of the act or not, it did the job. I don’t think there was a straight face in the house. His reference to Waitrose, Asda, name dropping and his experience with the Royal Family all seemed to never go his way and before the end of this section he ended up crawling in left over horse muck. He knew how to keep the audience going and he did it so well.

The second half, I thought couldn’t get any more bizarre than the first. I was wrong. Oh so wrong. If you thought Jack’s entrance was brilliant, it was nothing compared to the end where he was dressed in an inflatable troll costume trying to knock Elsa from Frozen out of the way as she sung on stage. This was all in reference to his role, which soon became a non speaking role in the movie Frozen. As he pointed out, he is the penultimate name on the cast list and had his voice over removed as Elsa began to sing Let it go. The cries of laughter from the crowd filled the arena.
The second half seemed a lot more quick paced than the first and more staged but it didn’t disappoint.

You found yourself at times wondering if it was okay to laugh at what he was saying. But that’s Whitehall humour and we as an audience were all in the same boat. No one was there to judge at what you laughed at, instead you came together as an audience and silently chuckled at the parts that you thought weren’t always appropriate to laugh out loud to.

Jack Whitehall lived up to everything and more and I am as much a fan as I was before I saw him live. He interacted well with us as an audience, got us involved and made local references. His humour is at times inappropriate but that’s what makes him unique. He is a man child who says all the wrong things at the wrong time but you can’t help but laugh at him. It’s a strong 9 out of 10 for me, maybe even encroaching on a 10.



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