Day 5: Dream travel destination, and why?

This is easy. I have been dreaming of going here ever since 2008, when I saw the film The sisterhood of the travelling pants 2. Yes, you read that right, who even remembered there was a second film?! Me I did.
The place I am choosing as my dream travel destination is *Drum roll*… Santorini, Greece. 

For those of you who don’t know much about Santorini let me introduce you to this beautiful, picturesque island.
It is a crescent shaped island which resides in the southern Aegean Sea, just off the South East coast of the main Island Greece. Santorini is a group of islands called: Thíra, Thirassiá, Asproníssi, Palea and Nea Kaméni and forms the southernmost part of cyclades.

The islands are still very much part of an active volcano and a volcano that has its crater under the sea. These islands came into existence thanks to volcanic activity. Twelve eruptions to be precise, with one happening roughly every 20,000 years. It actually has a record for having one of the largest volcanic eruptions. During the Minoan Age, some 3,600 years ago. Ash, pumice and lava stone covered the islands and a tsunami destroyed all civilisation on the island. This eruption was given the name Minoan eruption.

I love that the island has such a vivid presence of geological structures as a result of the multiple eruptions that have taken place over the years. No I have never been one to know the ins and outs of Geography but when you can see just how incredible the earth and it’s forces are, it is hard not to appreciate. This is one of the reasons I would love to visit. I would love to see first hand all these forms and structures that have created this beautiful island and had such an explosive past.

Santorini is probably most famous for its charming white building with blue roofs. It basks in average temperatures of mid twenties in the summer months and only experiences just 1 day of rain in the summer and 60 days in total for the whole year. That means it has over 300 days of sun (okay maybe not sun but no precipitation) a year. I much prefer that ratio to the one we currently have in the UK which seems to have well over a 100 days a year of rain and a summer which can’t always be classed as a ‘Summer’.

I have always loved Greece as an Island and loved the history that goes with it. It has always been a place I would love to visit. Santorini is definitely the place I would love to visit first out of Greece and I would like it to be with someone special as I hear it is quite a romantic getaway. Not that that has an influenced on my love for the place. No, it has The sisterhood of the travelling pants 2 to thank for my love and admiration for it.

I would post a picture but I have a policy of only posting pictures that I have taken so it will have to wait until someone takes me there. Feel free to give it a google and be prepared to fall in love with just how scenic and perfect it is.

Day 5: Complete ✔️

Not Quite Made Girl

If you want to join in go check out Thebitsandbobsinmybrain blog. The more the merrier!



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