Day 9: Things that make you happy

I love a good list. Who doesn’t? Especially when it is about something positive.

So the things that make me happy. Despite coming across that I am not happy a lot of the time, there are a few things that truly do make me very happy.

  1. F. Obviously.
  2. Food. Especially pizza. Sweet & Sour chicken with extra pineapple.
  3. Winning Ebay Auctions (bidding last second is the trick!)
  4. The sun. The heat. Summer.
  5. Caramel.
  6. Going on holiday/adventures.
  7. The Twitter/Wordpress community and their support.
  8. Hugs.

Day 9: Complete ✔️

Not Quite Made Girl

If you want to join in go check out Thebitsandbobsinmybrain blog. The more the merrier!



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