Day 10: Somewhere you would like to live, describe your dream home

My dream home. The years I have been dreaming this up. The little details have changed over the years but the main structure and location has remained the same.

I have two dream homes in my mind. One for now. Either living on my own or as a couple. One for the future when I have a family.

My first dream home: A one/two bedroom flat. Top floor with a balcony. A kitchen with white cabinets and a smeg fridge with a breakfast bar separating that and the living room. A living room big enough for a corner sofa, an armchair and a dinning room table in the corner, out of sight. Then the hallway with the door. A beautiful coat rack and a shoe shelf. A cupboard to store hoovers, mops etc. Then the bedroom. A bedroom with a couple of windows so it is light and airy. Big enough for a double bed, and able to walk around both sides of the bed. A nice wardrobe and a dressing table. I am not fussed if there is an en-suite as long as there is a decent bathroom with a bath in down the hall then I am pleased. I am not a fan of carpet apart from the bedroom so everywhere else would be wood or lino. I like windows. I like a lot of natural light rather than artificial light. It would be minimalist with very little clutter anywhere. I would like at least half decent views but because I want to live close to a city centre and the station I wouldn’t expect them to be amazing. Maybe just a bit of greenery here and there.

That’s my dream flat for now. But my dream home that I want in the future is really quite different. Firstly it would be out in the countryside. You can’t beat the British countryside. The green fields, the smell, the houses, it is just so picture perfect.
I would like to live just outside a small village in an old converted farm house. The kitchen will be the biggest, warmest, heartiest room of the house. An island in the middle, wooden cupboards, an AGA cooker, a big wooden dining table and white tiled floor. With French doors opening up into a large garden/field. (Not asking for a lot, am I? 😉)
There will be a big wooden staircase leading off from the hallway up to multiple bedrooms on the second floor. A room or two will be an en-suite and fairly spacious.
The living room, utility room and a snug will be downstairs. There will be a couple of dogs running around, a cat who only comes in for food and a quick stroke before roaming back off outdoors. If I am lucky enough, I would love a horse that I can call my own living in my field. I will have a family who will fill the house with noises of laughter and happiness. It will be a house filled with love.

This is all such a far fetched dream but it will be one that I will hold onto and believe one day it could become a reality.

Day 10: Complete ✔️

Not Quite Made Girl

If you want to join in go check out Thebitsandbobsinmybrain blog. The more the merrier!



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