Day 24: A list of things in your bedroom

Yayy another list! You can never have too many lists. I swear I live my life by various lists of things that I need to do or want to accomplish.

But for now here’s a list of things in my bedroom:

  • Built in wardrobes
  • Dressing table with a little mirror and make up organiser
  • Several bottles of various creams and sprays and candles also reside on my dressing table
  • A stool with a cute pink cushion on it
  • A box with my hairdryer, straighteners, curlers and sprays in
  • A separate box with other make up and another with all my brushes and combs sit under the dressing table too
  • A little white wooden bin
  • A white wooden bedside table that matches my bin and my dressing table. On that there is: A picture frame with Me and F, a white lamp, an old fashioned alarm clock, glasses and case, tablets, hand cream, and at this moment in time a Cath Kidston cup with hot orange squash 😍
  • My beautiful big double bed, with a duck egg green quilt which goes with the pink and other colours of my wallpaper and curtains. On my bed sits a couple of cuddly toys, a throw, a blanket ( I get cold, okay?!), a few clothes, a bunch of pillows, my iPad and my laptop and me of course!
  • A floor length mirror sits next to my bed with presentation cushions in front of it (they normall sit on my bed but I’ve been too lazy to put them on after making my bed). On my mirror there are pretty flower ligths, but also three flowers from when I did the Race for Life for Cancer Research and also my medal. There’s also my cheer bow and my masquerade mask.
  • Next is my window sill. On this sits a toy monjey from London Zoo, another picture of me and F and a sign saying DREAM.
  • In the corner, which is a bit of a mess is the cards I have got for others for those birthdays coming up in the year, a couple of presents that I have already bought people and my scrap book making stuff.
  • Next to that is my book case. Instead of having height it has width and depth and on this sits:
    • TV + Remote
    • Blu Ray player + Remote
    • Cards from F
    • Candles, several several candles! (Kind of obsessed with them!)
    • Picture of me and F
    • Picture of me and my Friend
    • Magnets from holidays
    • My old name badge for work
    • Old knick-knacks of things I’ve collected over the years
  • In the bookcase: Multiple films and tens almost hundreds of books
  • My door sits between my bookcase and the wardrobes. Protecting my door sits a dog door stop as well as an owl door stop. On my door there hangs all my jackets, my two dressing gowns and several bags and shawls.

There you have it. My beautiful room. My sanctuary. My hideaway. My safe room.

Day 24: Complete ✔️

Not Quite Made Girl

If you want to join in go check out Thebitsandbobsinmybrain blog. The more the merrier!



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