Day 11: Talk about your siblings/family

My family. Family of 4. Mum, Dad, Brother and me.
Pretty bog standard family for the most part.

My Mum. We have a very up and down relationship. One minute we could be laughing at a joke and acting like two children and then the next we won’t be speaking to one another and sitting in awkward silence. As a child my mum was the one who was home most of the time. My Dad travelled with work a lot and truth be told I don’t have too many memories of him being around when I was a kid. I am sure he was but I just mostly remember going places with my Mum and Brother.
My mum is stunning. And when I get to her age I hope I look as beautiful as she does. She has aged impeccably well. She often gets complimented when we’re out. She has always been beautiful. Apparently when she was a child she came runner up in some Carnival Princess competition.
I think me and mum clash so much is because we are both so alike. I am definitely my Mother’s daughter. We both have a similar temper, similar personalities and both very very stubborn. I take after her in that I don’t have too many friends. I am not that sociable. She is the same and always has been from when she was young. I do love my Mum and consider her my Best Friends at time, but in the past few months our Mother/Daughter relationship has been put through its paces and I don’t feel as close to her anymore. She hasn’t been all that supportive or helpful and at times has distanced herself from me. As a result our relationship has deteriorated and I no longer feel that Best Friend bond.

My Dad. Well there’s not a great deal to say about him. I don’t really know him that well. I mean I have lived with him and my Mum for the last 23 years but I don’t really know him. I haven’t ever really got on that great with my Dad. He wasn’t around much when I was a kid as he was always travelling with work. Then as I got older me and him just clashed all the time. We’ve never really seen eye to eye. Never had much conversation or even much to do with one another. As I’ve got older we can have the odd conversation here and there otherwise we just sit in silence if it is just the two of us. Or he’ll talk at me about sports which l try my best to pretend to understand. Since I’ve been going out with F and been introduced to more sports I have been able to talk to my Dad about that so that’s been good. I worry  about my Dad and his health a lot and I fear losing him too soon. He is quite big and hasn’t got the healthiest of lifestyles so I am constantly worrying about his heart and his health. I would like him to be around to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day whenever that may be.

My Brother. The golden boy. The one everyone holds their cup up to. He is so successful and so perfect that it gets infuriating. Growing up I always felt in competition with him. He would always do better than me in everything; horse riding, ballet, dance, karate and school. He’s only 3 years older than me but he either acts a lot older or very immature. We don’t have a great sibling relationship. When he lived at home we argued most of the time. End up fighting and I’d always come off worse. Almost broke my arm once! When he moved out to university we became even more distant. I don’t think we really spoke for the whole four years he was away. We still don’t to this day really. We’ll message about parents birthdays and what I’ve got organised for them and that’s it. We never just have a general chit chat like siblings do. Again I feel awkward around him. I don’t feel like we are family. It is really odd. I love my brother but at times I think he is pompous and full of himself and sits very highly on his horse. He has always had everything so easily. He’s never really had to work for good grades. Always got the job he wanted first time around. Always been in relationships. Very sociable, outgoing and confident. So the complete opposite of me! I wish we were closer and he looked out for me more like a big brother should but it’s too late for all that now. Nothing will change.

So that’s my family. We’re not exactly the close knitted of families but we get by and at the end of the day blood is thicker than water and they will always be my family.

Day 11: Complete ✔️

Not Quite Made Girl

If you want to join in go check out Thebitsandbobsinmybrain blog. The more the merrier!



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