Day 14: Your fondest childhood memories

I was a very lucky child and had the opportunity to live abroad for nearly the first seven years of my life. I lived somewhere where it was always sunny and hot, with a complete different culture to that of the UK. I was only a baby when I moved there so it was all that I knew and I called it my home, far more than I thought of the UK as my home. I still do. I have never really felt at home in the UK and struggled to fit in with the culture and the different way of life from that of my childhood abroad.

I have many fond memories of my childhood abroad and often look back on my time there with happiness. I had the opportunity to try so many things. I used to do a summer camp of Ice Skating and Karate each summer, we would have great fun training and perfecting the moves. We would all have lunch together and some days we would get to go play games in the arcade.
I also have fond memories of my friends over the years. I had a best friend named George from an early age and I remember the day he and his family left to move country and I was heartbroken. He was my first best Friend. I had a few best friends over the year and had so many great times with them. We would often match in clothing, write stories about our TY’s together, create dances and win the school talent show at a camp with them and just running around being kids. Being happy.
Another memory was my opportunities in dance. From the second I could walk I was in multiple dance classes including: Irish dancing, Ballet and Modern. I loved the leotards and the dance moves. The hairstyles. The excitement before an exam. The teachers were fantastic. I excelled in ballet and jumped through the grades. I was told I could start points just as we had to leave. I was told I could have been a great dancer when I got older. It was such a shame that when we moved back to the UK I was unable to carry on with my ballet classes as money was very short and so the dream of becoming a ballerina died when we moved.
But my fondest memory from my childhood was doing the Crystal Maze with my mum and brother in school holidays. There was a Crystal Maze replica in one of the shopping malls down the road from us. You had to get through different stages and at the end you would face the large crystal ball and have to hit as many of the buttons that lit up as possible. You would get a certificate at the end telling you your score. I loved going here with my Mum and Brother. We soon got pretty good at it and each had our own games that we would do and perfect. Each time we got a Personal Best. I loved going here. The whole look and atmosphere of it, I can still see it now when I close my eyes. It was great fun and I miss it. It was great to do something like that with my Mum and brother.

Day 14: Complete ✔️

Not Quite Made Girl

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