Day 18: A bullet list of your day

Saturday. Well at least it falls on a day where I actually do stuff and not just sit around the house all day or stuck in bed.

So let’s start:

  • 7.15am the alarm goes off like it does every Saturday morning (This week I wake up in F’s bed so I don’t get as much of a lie in!)
  • Snooze the alarm till 7.20am and then hit it off when it normally get to 17 minutes past as I never go back to sleep.
  • I then check my emails, instagram, twitter and my blog on my phone before I really have to get up (I try my best not to wake F up as he has been getting up early for work all week.)
  • I finally got up, brushed my teeth, got changed and all prepped for the gym! I have only recently got back into the routine of going to the gym. Each week I always question why I go and if I enjoy it, but by the end I am kinda glad I went.
  • I leave the house about 7.40am and drive the 15/20 minute journey to the gym. I pull into the same space each week. Third row, about 6 in. Far enough from the door so no one will immediately park next to me but also just a straight line to the front door. I then sat there until just after 8am. This week I sat listening to Ed Sheeran as I changed into my trainers and booked onto next week’s classes for the same time. However the system was down so I couldn’t book on.
  • By 8.10am I am sat on my bike, all set up and ready for today’s spinning class. I got my normal bike. Front row, to the left of the instructor, third in. I don’t know why I always go for that bike, just habit I suppose. I don’t like the atmosphere at my gym and don’t really get on with anyone there. They are generally a great deal older than me, which isn’t an issue to me but they seem so fixed to their little groups and friends that no one really speaks to me. I had so many issues with my contact lenses that one broke in my eye and I had to end up doing spinning with no contact lenses in and half blind. Thankfully I had glasses in the car.
  • 8.30am and 15 minutes into spinning. I am sat there thinking why am I here? Why do I do this every week? I hate this. 
  • 9am Ooo that was great. The music was good, I could sing along to it. That 45 minutes went so quick. It’s amazing how your thoughts change when you have finished something. No matter how much you hate it when you’re doing it, you feel good at the end and just remember that until the following week!
  • 9am is normally my next class. I normally quickly wipe down the bike and nip across from Spin to the Studio. Again I don’t really talk to anyone in this class. I normally only go because I like to dance and the instructor does make me laugh at times with the profanities that come out of his mouth each week. This week however as I was half blind I decided to skip it and go get my glasses and drive home.
  • I drive home and I quickly put away everything that I took to F’s and tgen jump back into bed. I watched a bit of the new Top Gear and dozed until half 10 when the postie knocked.
  • Signed for the parcels then I jumped in the shower. Washed my hair. And slip back into bed waiting for my hair to dry naturally.
  • I was feeling pretty low and I just couldn’t bring myself to get up. F, bless him, messaged me asking to go to the football with him but I was just so numb of all feeling I wasn’t the most expressive person nor that responsive.
  • Skip forward to quarter to 2 and F has persevered with my mood and decided to put up with me and take me to the football with him to cheer me up.
  • We arrived after going the longest, slowest way possible and just before the matched kicked off at 3. Sat in our usual seats, right on the pitch we were cheering the O’s on. End of the first half and it was 1-1. Got our cuppa teas half time with some minstrels and went back for the second half.
  • I didn’t enjoy this match at all. The fans on both sides were more argumentative than normal. The O’s badly lost 1-4. And I just wasn’t myself. As much as F tried to involve me and cheer me up, I was just miserable.
  • We drove back to mine as my parents are away for the weekend. We listened to the first half an hour of the England V Ireland game in the car.
  • We got back and managed to catch the last 10 minutes of the telly of the first half of the rugby. We watched the rest of the match until gone seven.
  • We flicked between channels for a bit and then I cooked us dinner. Steak, Chips and Veg. I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet but it was pretty good and the steaks were perfectly cooked!
  • By this time it had gone 9 and we started watching The Hunger Games. However, we’d both seen it and decided to catch up on Broadchurch.
  • Half ten almost 11 we switched over to Match of the Day and watched that and This Country until we went up to bed.

So there you have it. My Saturday. As miserable as I was, I wouldn’t change it for anything. Any time that I get to spend with F, is always time well spent!

Day 18: Complete ✔️

Not Quite Made Girl

If you want to join in go check out Thebitsandbobsinmybrain blog. The more the merrier!



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