Day 19: Five of your strengths and five weaknesses

Eesh. I am not good at this. Over the years every time at University and sixth form when you would practice for job interviews, this question would always come up. I never knew how to answer it. I can think of several weaknesses but as it was practice for an interview you were always meant to turn that negative into a positive and I was terrible at that. Even when you were asked what your strengths were I could always only come out with one thing: organisation. That is still the one and only thing that I feel is my true strength. But I will give it a go just for B’s 30 day challenge. I will try and think of 5 each.

5 Strengths

  1. Organised – I have been organised for as long as I can remember. I love stationary and files and will buy as much of these as I need to ensure that I am organised. I have always had a planner so I can write down everything that I have planned or have done, so I know where I was or will be if I am ever asked. I keep my bills, my important letters and appointments all in a file, alphabetically and date ordered.
    I also have several memory boxes which are organised into categories. My wardrobe is also organised into sections: Hoodies, bodysuits/leotards, crop tops, summer/spring tops, t-shirts, band t-shirts, 3/4 sleeve tops, long sleeved tops, woolly cropped jumpers, woolly jumpers, and my sports and work tops. That’s just the bottom row.
    The top row is long ballgown dresses, work dresses, Going out Dresses then come next in the order of: strapless dresses, short sleeved dresses, 3/4 sleeve dresses, long sleeved dresses. Then come the summer/spring/everyday dresses in the same order. After that comes the skirts: Mini skirts, midi skirts and skorts. Then shorts, Jeans, smart trousers and summer trousers. Then a couple of blazers and my dressing up fairy wings (because you never know when you might need them!) So yeah that’s just a preview of how organised I like to be. I shan’t bore you anymore.
  2. Caring. This can be both a strength and weakness so I have included it in both. I care about those around me. I will always ensure I am there for them. No matter what is going on with me, I will bend over backwards for those I care about.
  3. Good listener. Got a problem? Come tell me! I can sit and listen and won’t interrupt you one iota. I won’t offer advice if that is not what you want. But I will try my best to help if that’s needed. I don’t pretend to listen. No matter the problem, I will always listen, no matter how big or small. I am not that chatty, and that’s worked well in the way that I will always have an ear available for anyone to rant or moan or cry.
  4. Creative to an extent. I like to think that I can create arty things. I did a really cool hamper for my friend’s engagement and made a few things for that including a picture frame and a candle. For Valentine’s Day I made the sweet box for F and I have created sweet letters for him before. I can’t draw or paint but I can do arts and crafts in the form of candle making, making gifts etc.
  5. Thoughtful. I really always consider other’s thoughts before my own. I will always try and put myself in other people’s shoes before I judge them or jump to conclusions.
    Also, when it comes to giving gifts at Birthdays and Christmas I think about what they would like. What their likes and dislikes are and play to them.

5 Weaknesses

  1. Caring. So as I said before, a weakness and a strength. I care too much at times. I put too much worry and thought into those around me that I sometimes forget to look after myself. To care for myself.
  2. Shy. This is awful when I go out socialising. If I don’t know the majority of people, I will be awkward and silent and panicking about conversation topics. Unless I have a drink or two before hand I won’t be that chatty or confident and very, very awkward.
  3. Anxiety and Depression. This is self explanatory really. This is a weakness to me. It has got in the way of me achieving and progressing through life. I have lost friendships due to it. Caused a rift between me and my parents. Caused problems between me and F. And caused me to fall behind in life. I am so far back compared to where I want to be. Its held me back.
  4. Attempt to please everyone. I try too hard to please those around me. This is similar to caring too much. But with this, I worry too much about what they think of me and I try my best to please them. Make them happy. Or proud. I often consider their needs and happiness far more superior to mine and so will always put them first.
  5. Confrontation. I don’t bode well with confrontation. This has caused people to walk all over me in the past. Because I am too timid to stick up for myself in an argument or disagreement, I usually end up being the one blamed. The one upset. The one hurt because I won’t stick up for myself. Even if I disagree with what they’re accusing me of, I won’t confront them. I will just agree with them. Let them have the last word.

Day 19: Complete ✔️

Not Quite Made Girl

If you want to join in go check out Thebitsandbobsinmybrain blog. The more the merrier!



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