Today at work, there was a screening of a new documentary being released and it was about the Muslim culture in America and how Trump’s succession was affecting how others viewed Islam.

I’m not a naive person, I understand that there is so much misunderstanding in the world, but this documentary burned something in me that I haven’t felt before. I felt anger at the ignorance of these people and how they had the audacity to sit there and discriminate these innocent people, simply because they were followers of Islam.

Those who followed Islam in the documentary were American through and through. They had had generations being born in America. Their great grandparents were even born in the States after their parents arrived to evade war in their home country. These people had every right to live however they wanted, wherever they wanted, they were American citizens, it was their home. Their birthplace! They didn’t deserve to be singled out because of their religion.

Growing up, I lived in a Muslim country, and there was a mutual respect. Obviously, I was the foreigner, I didn’t actually have any ties with that country, my Dad just happened to get a job out there when I was a toddler. However, me and my family, and all the other English expats never received any hatred or never did we not feel part of a community. They embraced us. English speaking school were built. You could wear shorts or a skirt, despite it being a Muslim country. We had respect for each other. During ramadam we wouldn’t eat outside as we knew it was part of their religion and we showed respect for that, even if we didn’t follow it ourselves. Although my Mum did make a good effort each time! I felt love and adored by the people in this country and I count that more of my home than I do where I am now. The generosity, the care they showed, they were human. So what we had different religions? Different cultures? Different beliefs? We were all doing the same day in day out, we were all put on this planet for one reason or another, we are all just humans, neither one is more superior.

I also had a Muslim best friend as a child. I didn’t even think about that as a child. Religion was never a question for children. We all just accepted one another and decided on our friends as to whether they shared their sweets or not. Not on skin colour. Not on religion. Not on sexuality. Not on anything else, just whether they were kind or not.

Why can’t we just behave like that? Why is there no love anymore? No trust? No companionship? What has happened to this world? Why do we discriminate so much? Is it because we aren’t happy with who we are ourselves, that we feel the need to create such hate to make ourselves feel better? We were all children once, and we didn’t know what hate and discrimination was, so why do we pick it up as we grow older? I thought we were meant to know better but clearly not.

I hate the thought of this world getting more hostile towards one another, but everyday you hear of some new evil act being done, whether it verbally or physically. We are too quick, too often, to group others in for one person’s wrong doing. What does it take for people to realise that just because they like the same thing, follow the same religion or are of the same origin, doesn’t mean that they are the same and going to do the exact same thing. Look at twins. Even identical twins have differences and they’ve come from the same embryo. No two people are identical, so  we need to stop grouping them together and causing hate which isn’t even real or relevant to the situation.

I am not a diplomat but I am so tired of living in a world where love is so hard to come across. Where there’s such little respect for one another. We need to view one another as humans, that’s it. Realise that underneath we are all just the same. Yes we have different ideals, and beliefs but that doesn’t cause for hate. We should embrace our differences and be interested in learning what that difference is between us instead of being so ignorant towards it.

This hate needs to stop and love needs to prevail. And I believe one day that it could, if we learn to stick together.

Not Quite Made Girl


P.s. As you can clearly see I am not a great speaker or have a vast amount of knowledge on this topic, or fancy, clever words, but this video, as I previously said, sparked something in me and I just needed to voice it! I really don’t want to offend anyone, so if I have, please let me know and I will delete the post.


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