Dear F, (3)

I was catching up on Orient articles before their first match today against Sutton! So much has happened within the club in the past week alone.

The most exciting news was that we have Abrahams back! I am sure you were all over it when it was first announced.
I couldn’t believe it when I came across the article on BBC sport. He might have signed for Norwich, but he’s playing for us. I think you predicted that didn’t you? You said he would want to carry on playing for a first team, and now he can thanks to being loaned out back to us O’s.
It’s a shame that the same won’t happen for Alzate. But we seemed to have signed a lot of good players, and seem to be on a bit of winning streak pre-season. Definitely no losses.

Today is the day the season started. I wished so much that I could be sat with you listening to the commentary, with baited breath every time they are near the goal end. Just like we were on Valentine’s Day. But I couldn’t. And that’s okay because that’s what you wanted.

It wasn’t a great day for the O’s. First game of a new season in a new league and they lost. a 2-0 defeat! What did you make of that? By the sounds of it, there were a few issues. Grainger in goal, we always knew it wouldn’t be too great. O’s always lacked a goalie and it is still showing this season despite all the changes that have been made.
What a disappointment for Mooney. Technically we can say the O’s scored, even if it wasn’t allowed because of a foul. But that’s better than some games last season, where we didn’t even hit in haha.

I’d love to see this back pass that happened on Sutton’s side and see if it was accidental. I bet it wasn’t. Even if it was, there are rules for a reason, right?
Good to see Koroma played. Always been a fan of him. It seems so weird reading about Orient and knowing so little of the players. I just have no idea who is who anymore. The originals have gone and I have to learn a whole new team. I need your knowledge to help me learn them as quick as I did last time.

The poor O’s just can’t seem to catch a break. The referees never seem to be on their side. The loss might not have been so bad if it had been an even game. We had a couple of shots, but as always they were low or off and no challenge for the goalie. It’s so disappointing but there’s so many more games to come and pitches that will have real grass! So, I believe the O’s stand a chance.

What did you think of the O’s? I bet you have a lot to say on them. I miss your in depth analysis bub and feel I am lacking a lot of the technical terms and the understanding.

I would love to get my season ticket and see the O’s on Tuesday. Be at their first home game. The atmosphere will be amazing and it would be great to see the players up close and learn how they play.
Please don’t return my season ticket. I want to go to the games. I love the O’s like my own team now and want to continue to invest time in them. But I would also like to do that with you. That’s where we were more us than ever.

Until then, come on you O’s!





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