Christmas Tag  🎄

I got tagged by the amazing blogger that is @thebitsandbobsinmybrain  to partake in the Christmas Tag. I love a good Q&A especially when it revolves around Christmas. So thanks B for the tag. Let the answers commence!

1. Do you open any presents on Christmas eve? 

Well, I can honestly say I have never intentionally opened presents on Christmas Eve. I’m sure over the years I have opened a present because I happen to be seeing a friend and we open the presents together but apart from that I keep everything for Christmas Day. 

I do get new pyjamas every Christmas eve but they’re laid out on my bed waiting for me after I have had my bath. 

I do open family cards on Christmas eve, but that doesn’t count as a present, does it?

2. Are you any good at wrapping presents? 

Hmm, no tbh I’m not great at wrapping and nor do I particularly enjoy doing it. This year I’ve had less people to buy for but for some reason I’ve hated wrapping even more. Things are such awkward shapes and sizes and the paper never cuts straight. Ribbon doesn’t curl and I never know what to write on the labels except Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Which gets a bit boring after a while!

3. What is your favourite Christmas film?

Well funny you should ask this question because as I am sat answering this Miracle on 34th street is on. I do enjoy this film but I don’t think it’s my favourite all time best! 

My favourite has to be Grinch. Who doesn’t love the people hating antisocial green man that is The Grinch. He is my inner spirit – I too throw a fit and claim I’m not going out when I don’t have an outfit, I claim to hate everyone and even double hate, I often have appointments with myself and my self loathing and I too am scared to feel! So despite having so much in common this has to be the best Christmas film.

Also Santa Clause and Deck the halls.

4. What’s your favourite Christmas song? 

My favourite Christmas song? To be honest I don’t think I really have one. There isn’t one song that I sit there and think oo this is my favourite. The one song that does signify Christmas to me though it s The Pogues and Fairytale of New York. Maybe it’s because it is so miserable an unchristmassy that I love it, but I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite.
I like a bit of Bublé, when he emerges from being non existent all year, and just sings Christmas songs. I have had his Christmas album on repeat for a good few years.
There’s the obvious favourites amongst other people such as Slade and Wizzard which aren’t too bad either.

5. Where do you usually spend Christmas?

I have in recent years spent Christmas at home with my family. However, when I was younger, we lived abroad and we because it was a really hot country and didn’t really celebrate Christmas. However, we would often go out to a fancy hotel which would put on this whole Christmas Bonanza and we’d see friends there, see Santa Clause and have such amazing food. I even remember one year there was fake snow! These Christmases were amazing, and I was so lucky to experience them. I would love to say I love spending Christmas at home, but every year, my parents are in the Kitchen most of the day, my brother is often on a new tech thing he has got, or messaging his girlfriend or even at his girlfriend’s, so I am often left on my own, which to me isn’t very Christmassy or very enjoyable. 

6. Do you like giving gifts or receiving them?

I absolutely love giving gifts. I get so excited each year when I come to give the presents that I have selected for everyone. I put so much thought into my presents and often plan for it months in advance. I want to ensure I get something practical and useful and something that they will actually like – something personal to them, something that shows thought has been put into it and that I do care about them.
I get very awkward when I receive things so I hate it when I get something, especially if I have to open it in front of them. I would rather give than receive any day of the week. 

7. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

I love the atmosphere at Christmas. The joy, the coming together of everyone. The songs that everyone knows and love to sing to. The lights from all the houses, and Christmas trees. The drinking and the getting Merry. Allowing the time to indulge and enjoy oneself. Just everything about Christmas – It really does bring out the better in all of us. Despite the little hours of sunlight and the miserable weather, it is beautiful to have an occasion which is for everyone to enjoy no matter what they believe. 

8. When do you start getting excited for Christmas? 

It varies each year. This year I definitely peaked too early. I got excited during October for some reason! Now, with just a week to go I find myself being a bit of a Grinch. I have lost all enthusiasm and excitement for it. I am hoping that once the tree goes up tonight or tomorrow night, I will get a bit of that Christmas spirit back. I am just excited for two weeks off from work – I’m shattered. 

9. What would be your dream place to visit for the Christmas season?

I think I would love to spend a Christmas over in Germany with all the real Christmas Markets. I bet the atmosphere is amazing over there. And the Gluhwein!  Copious amounts of good quality, spice ridden Mulled wine – perfect. That or the hot chocolate.
I would also quite like to go to New York for Christmas. I love New York. I spent 5 days out there a few years ago in the Spring and I just loved it. I don’t know if it will actually be like anything they show in the films, but it looks so Christmassy and they have snow!
Actually, I would just love to go anywhere with snow. 

10. Do you make any New Year’s resolutions? How good are you at keeping them?

I did used to make New Year’s resolutions when I was younger, but I would never stick to them. To be honest, I have given up making resolutions, I would rather just say I want the year ahead to be filled with good health and happiness for myself and those around me. If there’s anything I want to change or add to my life then I will do that as and when I want to, I don’t think I need just a new calendar year to state when I should start afresh and make a change. I will make changes as and when I am ready – sorry. 


That’s it! That’s the Christmas tag for 2017 completed.  Gosh, I have come across a bit miserable at points, but I hope it also sheds some good light on me too! I do love Christmas and I am so happy it is this time of year, just this year is a little different and I am coming to terms with all that has happened this year. I will be doing a look back on 2017. But we’ve made it to Christmas, we’ve done another year. We should all be so proud of ourselves and realise we can achieve anything and we can get through everything that life throws at us. It might be difficult in the moment, but we can overcome it and look back on the situation with pride and happiness and pat ourselves on the back.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, filled with love and memories.

Not Quite Made Girl



Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash



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