I could’ve spent forever with your hands in my pockets

It’s that time again… Song of the Week. Although it isn’t every week, I promise I will try to do better with that in the New Year!

This week it is none other than *drum roll*… Taylor Swift. 

I am a bit behind on the music front and only just discovered that Taylor Swift was finally back on Spotify in the last couple of weeks. This honestly made my day! I have sorely missed listening to Miss Swift.
I have had her new album Reputation playing in the car, on my headphones, and even on my Google Home Mini.  I really admire Taylor – I like her attitude and how she bounces back from all that is thrown at her. I feel she is greatly misunderstood and deserves a lot more praise and admirability.

Anyway, I take it that it comes as no surprise that I have chosen her as my song of the week and the last song for 2017!
It is her song Dancing with our hands tied. I don’t know what I like about this song, but I always find myself singing it and humming it,


Taylor Swift – Dancing with our hands tied

(This was the only version that I could find on youtube, so I am guessing it isn’t one of her most popular songs amongst the fans? Well it’s one of my favs, anyway!)

Not Quite Made Girl



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