For they could not love you; But still your love was true

James Blake. My first discovery of new music for 2018. He’s very different to my normal stuff but there’s just something about his music. It is mesmerising. Soothing. Easy listening. His voice is just beautiful.

I gave him a wee bit of a google and he has actually been round for quite a while. From around 2009 or 2010. So I am a bit disappointed that I have only just come across him. He has three studio albums; James Blake, Overgrown and The Colour In Anything.

As I have only just found him, I have only really listened to his most recent album, The Colour in Anything. It is a varied album, which even features Frank Ocean.

I have chosen his latest single Vincent as Song of the Week because it was the first song that I listened to of his on Spotify. Now I am aware that this is a cover of Don McLean’s song, but I do think it is a great song that really compliments his vocals.

So, here’s a bit of James Blake to brighten up any day!

Not Quite Made Girl



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