Why? Why do we become so stubborn and so obsessed with what everyone else wants that we forget to do what is best for ourselves?

Why are there rules when it comes to love? To break ups? To how we live? Who decided these rules? Why can’t they be broken and each individual do as they please to best deal with their situation?

Why is heartbreak only one way? Why is it so difficult for one person? Why does one person get to make the decision?

Why do things happen so out of the blue? Why don’t people fight for what they want anymore? Why do people so easily give up? Why does love not conquer all?

Why do people say things to make you feel better but don’t mean it? Why is no one helping fight your corner? Why does no one help? Why is it so easy for everyone to sweep it under the rug? Why does no one show emotions any more? Continue reading “Why?”


Christmas Tag  🎄

I got tagged by the amazing blogger that is @thebitsandbobsinmybrain  to partake in the Christmas Tag. I love a good Q&A especially when it revolves around Christmas. So thanks B for the tag. Let the answers commence!

1. Do you open any presents on Christmas eve? 

Well, I can honestly say I have never intentionally opened presents on Christmas Eve. I’m sure over the years I have opened a present because I happen to be seeing a friend and we open the presents together but apart from that I keep everything for Christmas Day. 

I do get new pyjamas every Christmas eve but they’re laid out on my bed waiting for me after I have had my bath. 

I do open family cards on Christmas eve, but that doesn’t count as a present, does it?

Continue reading “Christmas Tag  🎄”

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