Day dedicated to L.O.V.E

I may be a week late but I’ve finally got around to blogging it: my first Valentine’s Day with someone that I love  🙂 And what a night it was! I’m a bit of a lucky girl I’ll have you know. Seeming as I thought I knew F quite well, and knew that he wasn’t the surprising type or overly romantic he definitely bowled me over when I turned up to his on Tuesday evening.20170214_202832_edited

I was requested to get there at 8 and at 8 I got there. Not quite on the dot but I got there.
I didn’t expect anything special from F because I told him I wasn’t into things like that. But it seems he knows me a hell of a lot better than I know myself. I walked in, mellow magic was playing on the radio and I spied the table.

The dinner table was set accompanied with two red tealights and two larger red ca20170215_110502_editedndles. It was so romantic. He informed me that the candles were there because he knows how much I love a good candle! I then spotted the champagne flutes on the breakfast bar and he comes over and gives me flowers 🙊💐. Seeming as they make him sneeze I couldn’t believe that I was being given them. They were a beautiful bunch with a red sparkly heart in the middle of them. Continue reading “Day dedicated to L.O.V.E”

❤️ Valentine’s Haul ❤️

I have a Valentine! Yes, me, MAD GIRL! Well you obviously know that if you’ve been reading my blog. You’d have seen that I can’t get through a post without F’s name popping up. But yes, he’s my Valentine this year and what a lucky girl I am 😍! Or maybe I should say what a lucky boy he is with what I’ve got planned up my sleeve for him (and no I’m not speaking in terms of in the bedroom, shame on you for thinking that 😉).

This is my first ever Valentine’s Day with a Boyfriend. Actually it’s my First Ever Valentine’s Day. Ever. Not that I’ve not been around for them before, I obviously have as I am in my twenties. I mean, I’ve never had the pleasure of spending it with someone that I love and care about. I normally boycott it. And now here I am, endorsing the ridiculous idea of having one day dedicated to showing your love to someone. Shame on me.
But shh, I don’t care. More than ever I want him to know how much he really means to me and just how much I appreciate him just being by my side throughout all of this. I want him to know that I know it isn’t easy on him. I love him and I want him to know just how much. So yayy, thank goodness for Valentine’s Day ❤️.

So because I am so damn proud of what I have bought for F, I thought I would share it with y’all. I shan’t post this blog until Valentine’s Day because even though I am pretty sure he doesn’t know my blog name, I don’t want to run the risk of the surprise being ruined (I realised this bit of information is completely irrelevant to you as the reader, I think it was just more of a mental note to myself!).

As an individual I love giving presents 🎁 I love giving far more than receiving. I plan for weeks or months in advance for people. I just love it. The thought you put into planning a gift for someone based on just how well you know them is exciting and fun and makes the how process better because you know that they’ll be so pleased to receive such a gift that means so much to them. Well that’s what I like to think anyway. Maybe I just also like to nosy around on the internet at gift ideas all day on Pinterest and Google and then come up with my own version of it and spend money I don’t have on recreating it haha. No, it’s not like that at all, I do just generally enjoy thinking of ideas and giving them to their recipient.

I have got him a main present and then a few really silly ones which are just a joke. I like to pretend I am an arty farty kind of person and often turn my hand to crafts. And Valentine’s day would be no different.

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The One, The Only, F.

I would love to introduce you all to the number one man (scrap that, the number one person) in my life. My Boyfriend and best friend, F.
We met the modern way, through a dating app called Tinder. Yes, I resorted to finding love on a dating app, an app with a flame as their logo! I was desperate to be loved and well, like they say, desperate times call for desperate measures.

It all began one day in April, a sunny day I’m sure, like all romantic fairy tales start. I must’ve swiped right on him and it came up as a match straight away, so he clearly liked the looks of me and gave a swipe to the right too 😉 Being very old fashioned, despite using modern dating methods, I always believed the boy should message first.
I was bad on Tinder, I barely swiped right on anyone, not because I didn’t like the look of them just because I thought I couldn’t envisage anything with them despite how ‘perfect‘ they looked.
F, an older gentleman by four years, had a picture of him stood in front of a London landscape and another with him in the distance with a pint in front of him. I’m not going to lie, yes the pictures were good, but also the fact that he was older than me was one of the deals for me swiping right. I’ve always had this delusional idea that I wanted to date an older man because he would be more mature and more ‘manly‘. Haha, what a misapprehensive thought, no matter the age, I don’t think a man ever truly grows up, and in some ways that’s a good thing, it helps to keep you young and grounded as a woman too.
I’d only ever dated guys my age, maybe a year older but they all failed. They were toxic. They weren’t what relationships should be. I got cheated on, led on and heartbroken. There were maybe one or two times I thought I could have been in love but looking back, and since being with F, it wasn’t love that I felt with the others, I think it was infatuation, obsession with wanting a relationship, wanting someone to want me, to love me, to need me. I never got those things, I was easy to discard, to boss around, easy to forget.
The reason I turned to Tinder was because these past relationships, I had met in bars and nightclubs and I was fed up of doing things that way. Also, it didn’t help that around the time I turned to Tinder, I had become such a recluse, with few friends and little plans. Even when I did have plans to go out, my anxiety would get the better of me and I would cancel plans last minute, which soon became an annoyance to my friends who stopped trying.

So yes, I turned to Tinder (I keep getting side tracked, every flaming blog goes on a tangent!). It was a way of me not leaving the house yet hopefully building a connection with someone online who then eventually I would have the confidence and trust to meet.

In all honesty I didn’t expect to hear from F and I forgot about him. A few days later I woke up to a new message on Tinder and it was from, go on guess who, no, not Ed Sheeran or Joel Dommett, but F, yes my F! (Ah damn I’ve now given away the ending. Just pretend you have no idea who F is, humour me!)

So we got chatting, the odd message here and there, him attempting to impress me by saying a word in French because he read in my about me that I studied French at university, me eagerly relying with questions about him. This went back and forth a while before we eventually met up. I felt myself gaining confidence just by speaking to him. I was coming out of my shell that I had hibernated under for so long.

He went on holiday to America a couple of weeks after we’d been speaking. I expected our conversation to die out and that be the end of that. To my surprise I did still receive the odd message here and there and he still seemed keen. *jump for joy* he even sent me a picture of him at Times Square!

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