Darling, I know that we’re fcked

‘And it hurts to think of you like that’ 

Last weekend I went to a Festival and I saw Nina Nesbitt who I have seen a couple of times before, but she never gets boring to watch. She’s a great country singer. Well I think she is country but apparently she is folk rock, so we’ll go with that.

Her songs, her stage performance and her reasoning behind songs is exactly what music should be about. I dare anyone to not be able to relate or be able to sing along with one of Nina’s songs. They are just so darn catchy.

This song sticks with me, as I can relate. Three weeks after me and the ex broke up, he was on Tinder and chasing other girls, so I do get this and I did feel the exact same way as she did when she went through it. When you do go through a break up, you go through so many emotions, you feel devastated but then you think ‘Okay, I didn’t belong with them’ but then you see them moving on so fast and you wonder if you were anything to them and what they say to the newbie? Do they ever speak of what they used to have with you? Do they bad mouth you? Do they miss your touch? Is the newbie better?

So, yeah, there’s my reasons for picking this song as tune of the week. Do give Nina a listen, you might just find a new artist to listen to on the train to work to gear you up for work!

Not Quite Made Girl



For they could not love you; But still your love was true

James Blake. My first discovery of new music for 2018. He’s very different to my normal stuff but there’s just something about his music. It is mesmerising. Soothing. Easy listening. His voice is just beautiful.

I gave him a wee bit of a google and he has actually been round for quite a while. From around 2009 or 2010. So I am a bit disappointed that I have only just come across him. He has three studio albums; James Blake, Overgrown and The Colour In Anything.

As I have only just found him, I have only really listened to his most recent album, The Colour in Anything. It is a varied album, which even features Frank Ocean.

I have chosen his latest single Vincent as Song of the Week because it was the first song that I listened to of his on Spotify. Now I am aware that this is a cover of Don McLean’s song, but I do think it is a great song that really compliments his vocals.

So, here’s a bit of James Blake to brighten up any day!

Not Quite Made Girl


I could’ve spent forever with your hands in my pockets

It’s that time again… Song of the Week. Although it isn’t every week, I promise I will try to do better with that in the New Year!

This week it is none other than *drum roll*… Taylor Swift. 

I am a bit behind on the music front and only just discovered that Taylor Swift was finally back on Spotify in the last couple of weeks. This honestly made my day! I have sorely missed listening to Miss Swift.
I have had her new album Reputation playing in the car, on my headphones, and even on my Google Home Mini.  I really admire Taylor – I like her attitude and how she bounces back from all that is thrown at her. I feel she is greatly misunderstood and deserves a lot more praise and admirability.

Anyway, I take it that it comes as no surprise that I have chosen her as my song of the week and the last song for 2017!
It is her song Dancing with our hands tied. I don’t know what I like about this song, but I always find myself singing it and humming it,


Taylor Swift – Dancing with our hands tied

(This was the only version that I could find on youtube, so I am guessing it isn’t one of her most popular songs amongst the fans? Well it’s one of my favs, anyway!)

Not Quite Made Girl


And now we’ve paid the price

What would be more appropriate than Song of the Week being a Pvris song. I finally saw them live on Thursday night at the one and only O2 Academy Brixton. They didn’t disappoint. I have been eager to see them for months and I was so glad I finally did. I had great company, met some great people and finally hearing them live, sounded amazing.

I thought it would be appropriate to pick one of their songs which is a favourite of mine. It does have a big of significance with me and it is my go to when I am feeling a bit low or missing a certain someone. But it is also my sing a long choice too!

Hope you enjoy.

Walk Alone – Pvris


Not Quite Made Girl


You want a future and you want it now!

Now I really couldn’t decide on a song. I know I have already done one for this week but I thought seeming as I have been listening to Don Broco the last couple of days in preparation of seeing them tonight, I wanted to post one of theirs. Treat all your ears to a bit of their sound. (You can thank me later 😉 I’m joking, but hey, you never know, you may end up liking them!)

This was such a hard choice for me to just pick one song. There’s so many songs, that even when I’m doing something else whilst listening to music, will suddenly catch my attention and I’ll find myself singing along. There’s Hold on, Further, Priorities, Tough on you, Superlove and Nerve (tbh the list goes on and on) but I decided on keep on pushing. I chose this one because I really enjoy the lyrics, and feel very much in a similar position to the song. They talk about doing all the things that our friends are doing, such as getting married, buying houses, being in relationships, etc. and how they can’t see themselves doing that just yet. And I agree, I really can’t see myself being in that position anytime soon, so this song always cheers me up when I think might be missing out and become super jealous of my friends’ situation, I remember that I don’t actually want that and that’s okay – I’m still only young and have plenty of time for that.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do 🙂

Not Quite Made Girl


So, we’ll raise the stakes and show them that we’re different 

You caught me! I plead guilty. I have chosen yet another song from the ones that are State Champs. I have this skill where I can listen to the same band continuously for weeks and not get bored of it, so hence why there’s another song from them. I haven’t listened to anyone else this week except them. I will have to change it up as the whole reason I am getting to see them Saturday is because of Don Broco, so will have to refresh myself with them!

But for now here is Leave You In The Dark. 

Not Quite Made Girl


I’m just trying to find my place in this world

I am off to see Don Broco in a couple of weeks an I was looking up who their support acts were going to be. One of them is State Champs. An pop-punk band from New York. I had never heard of them before, but I am so glad I have given them a listen before being lucky enough to see them live. They are a great band, and the lead singers has an incredible voice – so much emotion and power. I have had their two albums on repeat all day, so safe to say I am becoming quite a fan. Here’s just one of their many songs, making an appearance on my Song of the Week: If I’m Lucky 

Not Quite Made Girl


I hope you like your pictures facing down

In honour of their 10th year anniversary of their album A lessons in Romantics, and that fact that I am off to that tour next week with the Bestie, I thought it appropriate to post one of the songs from that album: If you wanted a song written about you, all you had to do was ask. 

Such a long winded title but it’s a good song and one I remember singing to when I was 14. I have recently got back in to listening to this album. I mean it is always one I keep going back to but more so the past few weeks.
Why this song in particular? I don’t know, I was walking from the station the other night to my car, and for some reason my brain really started listening to this song in my headphones and listening intently to the lyrics more so than I did to the other songs on my journey home. Since then, I have been humming it non stop and keep listening to it so, now it’s your turn to give it a listen and get it stuck in your head!


Not Quite Made Girl


Don’t be another empty vessel, free your mind

I am surprised I haven’t put Rationale as my tune of the week before now! I have seen him umpteen times and he never gets old. His voice, and his sincere love for his fans is enough to be a fan of him, but when he adds in his killer dance moves, you can’t help but fall for him and his music.

I have chosen this song in particular: Vessels because I love watching him perform this song live. The way he moves his body at the drop and change of the beat. The way he pitches his voice is incredible. I love the music, the whole feel of this song. It really is so unique.


Not Quite Made Girl


Over it 🎸

Song of the week: Over it – This Wild Life

The second time and in a row that This Wild Life have appeared on my tunes, but I’m addicted to them. I’ve been listening to them non stop. All their songs just seem so relevant, and real.

This song really sits with me because I’m over it. At last I’m over it. Yes, F, I’m done with that whole situation. I’m moving on, I’m starting to feel again, starting to heal. And as the song says, he took me for granted and I learned a lesson: I was at my worse when I was with him.


Not Quite Made Girl


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