Day 27: Seven things you think about a lot

  1. The future: Who will be there? Who will I know? Where will I be? Will I have achieved what I hoped to achieve? Will I be happy? Will I be in love?
  2. Love: Fears of being alone. Fears of being dumped. Understanding what love is. Learning the different kinds of love that people offer. How do I show my love? Do people know I love them? Do others really love me or just put up with me?
  3. Money: Will I have enough money this month? I want to do this but my money is low. Always ensuring I am never in debt with anyone. Always insisting on paying my way even if I am struggling with money. Have I got enough money to pay for this night out with friends? Will they think me a bore if I decline the invite because of money? Will I ever earn enough to move out? Will I be able to buy my own house one day with the money I earn?
  4. Those around me: What do they really think? Do they really like me? What are they up to? What goes on in their lives? What don’t I know about them? Do they think I am weird? How much can I trust them? How long with they stay in my life for before they walk away? Is there such thing as true friendship?
  5. How I’m feeling on the inside: Do I really feel anything? What’s the point in life? What is the goal? Where will I be in 10 years time? Why do I feel the way I do? What am I living for? Am I truly happy? Why am I sad? What is going on in my head? What triggers these lows and highs? Will I ever snap out of this? Will I ever be able to cope with it?
  6. Privacy: How much should I share with people? Do people really want to know everything because they care or because they are nosy? How much of our lives is private? Do we share too much?
  7. Food: What’s for dinner? What can I eat? I’m hungry. Food, Food, FOOD!

Day 27: Complete ✔️

Not Quite Made Girl

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Day 16: You win a significant amount of money, what do you spend it on?

I should be so lucky to have such luck and win such a significant amount of money. I often wish I would win a great deal of money. But then I always don’t think I would like to. I don’t like what money does to people.
Yeah we all want the materialistic things: the holidays, the cars, the house, the clothes, the jewellery, the lifestyle. But would we enjoy it as much if we knew we hadn’t earned it. Ever since I started earning money I have been a lot wiser about what I spend it on and when I do spend it I enjoy it because I know I have put thought into what I want with the money that I have worked for.
I mean don’t get me wrong, I used to do the National Lottery. I entered all sorts of competitions on TV programmes to try and win money. I used to have the dream of becoming a millionaire and buying a beautiful property in the countryside, have a couple of horses in acres of land. Have a Range Rover. A few designer clothes. The ability to spend money without thinking about it.
But as I have got older, I don’t really think I want any of that. I think it was I expected everyone to want when they win money. Instead I would be really boring and probably invest it either in property renovation or stocks & shares or simply keep it in a savings account. I would obviously have the odd splurge here and there. I would move out for starters. Buy myself a nice little flat or a small two bedroom house. Continue reading “Day 16: You win a significant amount of money, what do you spend it on?”

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